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“PhD Holders among 23 Lakhs Applicants for Peon Jobs in Uttar Pradesh”

-Hindustan Times


I Think The Above Report Is Enough To Make You Aware Of What Is Happening In The Indian Job market


More And More People Are Getting Degrees But Not Getting A Job


Graduates Like B.Tech And MBA Are Working With BPO and Other Sectors Because They Don’t Have Jobs In Their Respective Fields


“Suppose You Are Enrolled Into A Four Years Engineering Program And After All The Hard work And Money You Spent, You Got A College Degree… Now You Are Giving Lots Of Interviews But Not Getting Any Response. Even The Situation Can Be Worse….. You Will Feel Like That You Have Wasted Your 4 Years And Money On Engineering. And The Bad Thing Is… This Is The Story Of Every Teenager”


The Above Situation Is The Story Of Every Indian Youngster No Matter He Is An Engineering Graduate or MBA.



Forget About Everything, Dive Into The World Of Internet. There Are Endless Opportunities Waiting For You



“Online Advertising market in India is increasing at the rate of 30% year on year”

– Internet and Mobile Association of India



For This Course You Don’t Need To Study For Years…. You Will Gain The Required Skills In Just “3 Months” And You Will Get Your First Job After That



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If You Don’t Want A Nine to Five Job Then You Can Work From Home…. Or From Anywhere… Just All You Need Is A Laptop And Internet Connection.



And Work With Businesses All Across The Globe And Earn By Staying At Home Or Any Where Else


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