Increase battery life of your smartphone

Increase Battery Life of Your Smartphone


Increase battery life of your phone Day by day our smartphones are becoming smarter than ever. With super powered processors, cutting edge technology and advance features. Smartphones are now our constant companion. They have made our day to day tasks simple and easy.

The battery capacity of these phones is increasing day by day but most of the people are not satisfied with the battery backup of their smartphone. If you are one of them, check out these few tips to increase the battery life of your smartphone.

Recent apps

This is the point where most of the people will agree. We are habitual of swiping apps right and left in order to kill those apps from RAM and to get extra battery life but it is not so. Killing recent apps (or clearing RAM) does not help in improving battery life but it also affects the performance of your phone negatively. If you clear your RAM than the app will take more time and resources when you open that again, means more battery. Your operating system (Android or iOS) is a way smarter than you think. It is capable of managing RAM according to the need. So you don’t have to kill recent apps in order to increase battery life just leave it on your phone.

Use earphones while calling

If you are a type of person who is mostly on the phone calls for some personal or professional reasons than you should be using wired earphones for long calls. Earphones will require less power as compared with the inbuilt earpiece. You will notice a slight increased battery life. Using earphones will benefit you in many ways. You will be able to use your both hands while keeping your phone in pocket, you will hear clear voice if you are at a noisy place and the most important thing is that you will be able to keep your phone away from the body while on a phone call for longer hours as radiations are maximum while on the call.

Get rid of unnecessary apps

Having games and all that super cool stuff on your phone looks interesting but the fact is that more the apps are installed in your phone more will be the battery usage. Some apps always run in background and uses mobile data and battery. It is better to uninstall those apps which are not important to you. This will not only improve your battery life but will also improve the performance and guess what… free space for your precious photos and other stuff. This will help to increase battery life.

Battery saver

You will find plenty of battery saving apps for your smartphone. These battery savers will provide you many options to save the battery but they are not as much effective as they pretend to be. The truth is that they are also responsible to drain your battery. So, it is better to ignore these apps and use the built in battery saver of your smartphone if you want to increase battery life of your phone.

Wi-Fi and other stuff

Wi-Fi, mobile date, Bluetooth NFC etc. these things have made our life so good but if they are left open they eat pretty much of battery power. It is better to turn these things off when not in use in order to increase battery life of your smartphone.

So these are few simple tips to consider if you want to increase battery life of your phone.

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