Bareilly Journey from Amroha – By Train

Bareilly by Train

Railway Station of Bareilly

Bareilly, a city famous for the tomb of  “Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi” or also known as  “Aala Hazrat” . It is near Ramganga river. The city is also famous for furniture. Rohilkhand university is also located in the city itself.

The journey starts at 5:30 am in the morning. The train to board was Rajya Rani Express which is scheduled at 6:30 am at Amroha railway station. It takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes for the train to reach Bareilly from Amroha. It was a pleasant winter morning and sun was just about to rise behind the clouds. Weather was not so cold, I reached railway station at 6:15 am. The train was right on time and finally i got into the train.

Amroha railway station

Train was not full of people and i managed to get myself  window seat. The view from the window view was awesome. There was a kind of chaos on the train. Daily passengers were reading newspapers as usual. Most of the people were on their mobile phones and remaining were sleeping.

All the windows and doors of the coach were shut due to cold wind. After a 5 minute halt the train started to next station which was Moradabad. There was not so much to capture on the way.

Moradabad Railway Station

Moradabad Railway Line

After Moradabad, next stop was Rampur. I had a cup of tea on the way to Rampur. A typical Indian Railway Tea which was just ok in Taste.

A shaky look of the train

The journey come to end at 9:10 am. The railway station of Bareilly was looking cleaner than before. The journey was very short but it was worth to travel. Indian Railways are one of the best way to travel for short as well as long distances.


It is my first travel blog. Hope you would like it. Forgive me if i did some mistakes.

Thanks for Reading.


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